6 Reasons Why Your Skincare Routine Is Important

Our skin is an amazing organ, but it needs a little help sometimes, which is where a skincare routine comes in — and we’re all about keeping it simple.

Here are the main benefits of a good skincare routine, and how to start building one.

Our skin loves consistency

With skincare, consistency is the magic word. Our skin craves it, and you’ll...
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What We Are Doing To Help The Environment

At ENA Products we’re committed to crafting natural, luxury skincare, hair and body care, from hand and body wash to shampoo and conditioner, that’s efficacious and a pleasure to use. 

We take beauty seriously — a hydrating hand lotion is so much more, it’s an act of self-care and one that you should feel excited about. Our luxurious all-natural skincare is designed to pamper you from head-to-toe; from our gentle yet fragrant...
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Why You Should Switch To Natural Skincare

It’s like a sponge, and it also soaks up your skincare. That’s why we’re so passionate about natural skincare, and creating products that work with your skin, rather than slathering on a cocktail of chemicals.
If you haven’t gone au naturale already, here’s why using better natural skincare products is the key to healthy, beautiful skin.

They’re free from toxic ingredients

Most traditional skincare products are...
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5 Ways To Keep Your Skin Healthy This Summer | ENA

There’s so much to love about summer. From endless beach days to BBQs with friends, the sunny weather sure has its perks. But when it comes to your skin, the rise in temperature and time spent outdoors calls for some extra care to keep it looking healthy and protected.

Dryness, sun damage and heat rashes can all be avoided with an effective summer skincare routine that nourishes from top-to-toe; because it’s not...
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Why Natural Hair Products are Important

Natural Hair Products vs Non-Natural Hair Products - Which One Is Better For You?

Even though we know that natural and organic products are good for the environment and for us, we still use more chemical ones. The accessibility, the low price, and lack of natural hair products in our favourite shops affect our choice. However, great names in the beauty industry are putting in the effort to include as many natural...
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Why Clean Beauty is So Important

These days, we're spoiled with choice in the cosmetics world. We could visit a chemist or our local supermarket and stare at the many shelves of products on offer; we could get lost for hours reading the backs of packaging and observing all the promises. But with each new 'claim' that hits the shelves comes modern 'miracles' and 'quick fixes'. How can you tell what's authentic and reliable? How can you separate the false claims...
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How To Keep Your Skin Healthy This Winter

Are you struggling with keeping your skin in good health during the cold winter days? 
The dry indoor air and harsh cold climate can be hostile toward your skin. Fortunately, you can battle these natural enemies by developing a healthy winter skincare routine, focused on body care products that can help you keep your skin in perfect shape. 
Since winter skincare is essential to your overall wellbeing and health,...
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Doing Your Part: Giving Back to the Environment Through Beauty

The world around us going through change; climates are shifting, making sustainability more of a focus, and the need to all play our part is more important than ever. In 2018 alone, more than 1.5 million kilograms of waste was thrown into landfill, with a lot of this stemming from unnecessary packaging.
As beauty brands are stepping up and taking a stand on a more positive, greener future, we're highlighting how you...
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The importance of Meditation and taking a break

As the digital age continues to expand and our lives become even more hectic, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Our devices have us connected 24/7. The more connected we are the more we need to take the time switch off, and give our minds and bodies the opportunity to regenerate.
This is vital in order to maintain optimum health.  We need to constantly remind ourselves to live in the moment.
Mindfulness creates a...
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The Top 5 Ena Beauty Products and Why

Sometimes we just want to give back to ourselves; treat our bodies to a bit of R&R when we need it most. From massages through to luxuriating in deliciously scented lotions – every now and then, indulging in self-care is exactly what we need.
Designed to deliver a luxurious range that appeals to the notion of going back to natural origins.  Ena’s unique clean beauty collection is a range of authentic natural...
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We’re incredibly honoured to announce that our Himalayan Pink Salt Body Scrub has won “Best Body Scrub” in the internationally judged “The Beauty Shortlist Awards”!
All we can say is a heartfelt thank you.  Here’s what the judges had to say…
“We love this Australian brand for a lot of reasons. The interesting backstory, clean brand philosophy, appealing design, eco-sensibility – and, most of all, the exquisitely curated collection of products...
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Rose Geranium has all the best qualities

There are some things in life that make us feel wonderful.  And essential oils are definitely that.  Meticulously extracted from the leaves and flowers of plants, essential oils are sympatico with our nervous systems, and therefore our wellbeing!  
One of Ena’s signature ingredients is Rose Geranium. This oil brings to mind, sweeps of soft velvety leaves with bright flowers and has a scent which uplifts mood and spirit and is also...
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The good oil

We’re not the only ones to recognise how amazing this “liquid gold” is.  Our Ena Body Oil scored Editor’s Choice in The Beauty Shortlist Awards 2019!  Read what Fiona Klonarides, founder, The Beauty Shortlist had to say:
“Three of my favourite skin-boosting, healing oils are the stars of the show in this divine Rose Geranium & Lavender Body Oil: argan, avocado and rosehip. Packed with vitamins, omegas and other good things to...
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